Meeting Hub (Contact Exchange)

Get connected with other attendees, speakers and exhibitors!

Meeting hub enables you to search within all registered attendees and connect with them. It is a virtual location, where you can chat with each other, request one to one meeting, have a video call and exchange your business card.

How does it work

When you are on the main page in OnAir platform, on the right side you may see the tab with the Meeting Hub. Click on the “View” button and the new window will pop up.

You will see a list of all participants in alphabetical order on the left-hand side. You have two options how to search for other attendees.

Basic Filter – allows you to filter attendees by name or organization.

Advanced Filter – allows you to filter attendees by more than two attributes.

Indicator for Online Attendees – allows you to filter attendees which are currently logged in and online.

Be aware:

  • You may not find a participant or see the full name of a participant. It might happen that the participant has selected the option not to share the contact details at all or do not wish to share the last name.
  • Be careful as the filter is sensitive to accents on names.
  • Underneath the attendee’s name, you find which virtual badge he/she has. It should help you to recognize if he/she is a speaker, sponsor, attendee, or staff.

Click on the window with the name of the participant you want to connect with. A large window will open on the right side with the name and profile of the person. 

Click on “Connect”. The name of the person will appear in the middle in the “Pending” connections and the person will receive a notification.

In the middle of the page you may see:

Connections – here you may find all connections which you already made.

Pending – here you may find all your requested connections.

Invitations – there are all invitations from other attendees.

Once the person accepts your invitation, you may start interacting with each other. In the right-hand side window, you have several options how to do that:

Live Chat – live chat with other attendees.

Call – call to each other. Simply click on “Call” below the person’s name to open the video-call window. Click on following button at the bottom of the page to video call the person.

Meeting – schedule a meeting with each other. Once your Meeting is set, it will appear in the timeline in the main page.

Messages – if the other attendee is not available at the moment, you may leave a message.

Notes – take notes during your meeting and export them afterwards.

Pro tips: Complete your profile with as many details as possible before the event to make it easier for others to reach-out to you.

You can watch the tutorial in the video below:

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